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Harshal Patel takes most of the wickets in an IPL-season with a non-capped bowler

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RR vs RCB: Harshal Patel takes most wickets

RR vs RCB: Harshal Patel takes most wickets

RR against RCB, IPL 2021: three wickets collected by Harshal at the Dubai International Stadium on Wednesday at 34 rounds in Indian First League games (IPL) 2021 against Rajasthan Royals

The dream season continued inside the Indian Premier League 2021 match against Rajasthan Royals at Dubai International Stadium on Wednesday for Royal Challengers Pacer Harshal Patel, who picked 3 wicket vests at the Dubai International Stadion to script the record for most wickets by uncapped players during a league season.

In 11 matches this time, the three-handed car grabbed 26 wickets in total, exceeding Yuzvendra Chahal’s team-mate to achieve the record. In the 2015 IPL maiden season, Chahal took 23 wickets. The record also made him the most RCB wicket-taker in a single IPL season and outnumbered Chahal.

Now Harshal is the sixth-largest bowler in one IPL season on the list for most wickets. Dwayne Bravo is still the top bowler on the list for the Chennai Super Kings, who claimed 32 wickets in 2013.

In 2021 Harshal, who was traded from Delhi Capital earlier this year, had an excellent season when he emerged as a crucial component in the fourteenth season of his six victories at RCB.

All in all, in his nine-season IPL career, Harshal has selected 72 wickets in 59 one-winded games, which he packed against the Mumbai Indians earlier this season. He also counted on a hat trick that he chose last Sunday against the reigning champs.

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