In 2021, here are 21 ideas for summer marketing campaigns.

Now that summer is here, here are some suggestions for promoting your goods and services. Here are 21 ways to get your audience’s attention and get them to take action.

Pop-up stores

Because we’ve spent so much time alone, practically everyone longs to mingle with others and take advantage of the great outdoors. For the greater part of the previous year, many of us were unable to fulfill our physical shopping cravings. Having a pop-up store in a mall, on a busy street, or even in the park is a great way to get your items in front of a larger audience. Until 2020, everything we thought was outdated and dreary was actually a huge trend!

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2. Promotional Prints for the Beach

The printed word is far from extinct. As a matter of fact, print is making a comeback. Focus your marketing efforts on locations that are popular with tourists throughout the summer months. The beach would be a great place to meet. If your sales are not limited by region, this is an excellent chance to expand your reach and find new clients.

Collaborations across sectors

All year round, partnerships and collaborations are fantastic, but they are most successful in the summer. People look forward to seeing their loved ones and taking a vacation. Something about the warmth of the season also encourages us to spend more money.

Discovering a brand that shares your beliefs but is not a direct rival is an excellent idea right now. It doesn’t even have to be related to your field! Associating yourself with a business

By working with other industries, you may be able to extend your audience several times more.

4. Social media holiday promotions

Every now and then, social media calendars may be a lifesaver. When it’s hotter out, A humorous post on World Avocado Day, for example, is more likely to attract the attention of readers looking to have some fun. If you observe the social media holidays, you may come up with a wide variety of campaigns. Turn up the creative juices.

For a hot sale, the weather has to be just right.

Flash sales may be a fantastic asset. It would be interesting to offer flash discounts that are timed to coincide with changes in the weather.

Despite the fact that thermometers seldom soar beyond 30 oC in the UK, if they do, it’s a good idea to announce a special sale event when the temps are that high. Weather is still a bit of a wild card, even with all the great technology we have at our disposal. There you have it, your sense of immediacy and unexpectedness!

Loyalty Cards for Customers and Employees

Every consumer deserves a reward for their loyalty. More specifically, it’s how you treat your customers that drive sales all the way down your funnel. Customers are the lifeblood of every firm.

When you implement a loyalty card program for them, their most loyal customers will appreciate being rewarded for each purchase they make. Return visits and increased spending are both encouraged by this offer.

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There’s a reason we predicted that physical events and human connections will be big in 2021. Our reaction to these notions is only natural since, for a long time, human face-to-face encounters and communication were considered bad concepts.

Branded Icing Lollies

When handing out flyers or pencils and notepads to people on the street or at your local shop, consider handing out branded ice lollies in place of them.

In the heat of the day, they’re great motivation.

Having fun at a party

Have a good time with your audience. A modest street celebration, an outdoor dancing competition, or a list of the top summer tunes are all possibilities. To help others, you can also provide vacation and staycation suggestions, as well as cocktail recipes. These are the things that make your admirers happy and make them fantasize about you. Individuals who shop for the sake of indulging their fantasies do so more often.

Non-Profit Organizations

Do positive deeds all the time! Volunteering for a charity isn’t only a good thing to do in the summer and at Christmas; it’s a good thing to do all year long.


You don’t have to be a wealthy person to make a difference in the world. Community, health, and social centers are great places to get involved in cleaning up your local park or volunteering. It’s a win-win situation since you’re helping others while also boosting your company’s visibility and goodwill.

10. Summer’s Best Photo Competition

Contests are fun for everyone. When it comes to capturing photos, most individuals under the age of 50 are obsessed with their smartphones. Organize a picture contest for the finest summer images and provide a reward or discount code to the winner.

The Christmas Stuff may now be inserted.

What? Yes, that’s what I meant to say. While many people are preoccupied with sunblock, bikinis, and vacation plans, many others are already thinking about next year’s Christmas shopping. It’s a smart move to extend your product line or make a big sale on inventory from the previous year. It also helps you develop and maintain momentum in the months leading up to the holiday season.

12. Make your website seem like it’s in the middle of summer.

The happier you’ll be, the more cheerful the surroundings! Make some adjustments to the look and feel of your website and your social media postings. Summer-themed graphics or photos may be added to a banner. People are more likely to stay engaged with your content if you provide new content on a regular basis. It arouses curiosity and excites the senses.

It’s time to get out there and meet new people!

During the summer, try out some new social networking platforms. This is a great opportunity to focus on visual sites like Instagram and Pinterest if you haven’t already. In the summer, Tik-Toks and Instagram Reels are more likely to inspire new content ideas.

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The best part? These are now generating very high levels of interest and participation!

14. Go on a Scavenger Hunt in Your Neighborhood

Isn’t summer all about having a good time? Organizing a treasure hunt around the neighborhood might be a great way for local businesses to advertise themselves. If you’re trying to reach families, this is a great option. Adults, on the other hand, may find it energizing as a way to reconnect with their inner kid.

Referral bonuses are worth $15.

Word-of-mouth will always be the finest form of advertising. But you can help this attitude evolve in a positive manner, too. Distribute coupons for discounts to all of your long-term customers. You may also add previous customers who haven’t purchased from you in a while. Invite them to take part in your referral program by sending them a message or email. They’ll get a discount on items and services they wish to purchase from you for each new paying client they bring to your company.

We tested it at MBC and it worked like a charm!

Be Clear About Your Social Position.

Make it clear to your audience what your position is on various social problems. LGBTQ+ rights, climate change, and government policies are just a few examples. Consumers now value companies with a strong voice and a clear position, despite the old adage that work and personal life shouldn’t mix. Keep in mind that these are not your own opinions, but rather those of your company, which you represent. If you don’t take care of them, you might lose everything.

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17. The age-old two-for-one offer

It’s not always a bad idea to give something tried and true a go. It’s like a two-for-one deal. Increase sales by offering customers more than they paid for with special deals on summer staples and other items in your line.

18. Get Your Children Involved

Long school breaks are a given over the summer. This is a difficult time for many working families since not everyone can afford to take many weeks off of work. Think of ads that feature children’s entertainment, whether it’s in the form of a live event or an online simulation. Day or week-long camps, online store sessions, drawing contests, and more are all possibilities.

Giveaway of a Summer-Branded Item

Giveaways are another common marketing strategy. They’re simple to start up, and participants will typically take part if the reward appeals to them. Choose a hot summer item that everyone in your audience would be eager to obtain in order to make it more appealing. Not all of your items are necessary for it to be a success. As a service provider, you may not even have any goods.

Don’t forget to brand your reward when you’ve chosen it. If your logo is on a sticker or tag, that’s a vital feature for the development of your brand.

Last-Minute Summer Shopping: Free Delivery!

Offer free delivery on last-minute purchases as a way to boost sales as summer draws to a close. Use this tactic before going on sale for your summer clothing.

Early-Bird Savings on School Supplies for Children

When the school year is done, the last thing on a parent’s mind is stocking up on back-to-school supplies. because they aren’t readily available. Around the middle of August, the majority of retailers launch their BTS promotions. Would it be possible to do this in July and provide a discounted rate? It’s a foregone conclusion!

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