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IPL 2021: How can IPL playoffs be done with KKR, MI, RR and PBKS?

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IPL playoffs 2021

IPL playoffs 2021

IPL 2021: Look here for Mumbai, Kolkata Knight and Rajasthan Royal qualifications as they stay on 10 points. IPL 2032: The qualifying possibilities are as follows!

Three playoffs have been clinched in the IPL 2021 edition as Chennai Super Kings (CSK) and Delhi Capitals (DC) join the Royal Challenger, Bangalore (RCB, respectively).

But for fourth position, it’s a four-way competition.

All of them are 10-pinched Punjab Kings (PBKS), Mumbai Indians (MI) and Rajasthan Royals (RR). In the meantime, Kolkata Knight Riders has skiped with a game in hand to 12 points.

Chennai Super Kings (Q)1293180.829
Delhi Capitals (Q)1293180.551
Royal Challengers Bangalore (Q)128416-0.157
Kolkata Knight Riders1367120.294
Punjab Kings135810-0.241
Rajasthan Royals125710-0.337
Mumbai Indians125710-0.453
Sunrisers Hyderabad122104-0.475

Here’s a peek at their skills scenarios:

Scenario 1 – With 14 Points

The last 2 matches against SRH and RR would be 14 points if the Bombay Indians were able to win. Mumba Indians would not still qualify since they needed to take the following steps.

If the Mumbai Indians win both games, they may call it a day given the top NRR of the KKR. If Mumbai Indians pass KKR’s NRR, they will win two major wins of more than one hundred times or would have to pursue the goal in fewer than ten times of about 175 runs; a combined impossible scenario.

If both PBKS win their CSK and RCB matches, they will be 14 points. Since NRR is still negative in Punjab Kings, it should take one major victory or 50 or more to go over the NRR of Punjab King. Due to MI, they may arrange the match for the last one.

Rajasthan Royals will be eliminated regardless since one of their matches will be MI. Therefore, at a max of 12 if the MI is 14, RR may be deleted.

So Mumbai Indians would ideally need KKR to lose 1 game if they could be qualified with 14 points. If Kings of Punjab are bound at 14 points, then I need 1 huge win to go above the NRR of Kings of Punjab.

Scenario 2 – With 12 Points

The Mumbai Indians would like to avoid this scenario at all costs, since the risks are too severe. Mumbai Indians would need 1 large win of over 50 runs at all costs to qualify with 12 points. It’s almost impossible without it. Moreover, the people of Mumbai need to do the following things.

Wait for KKR to lose their two games. As there’s no chance that Mumbai Indians can cross their NRR if the KKR win at least 1 match.

Expect PBKS to lose a game with a 30-40 run margin. This ensures that the Mumbai Indians pass their NRR with a major win that is necessary. This is possible since Chennai Super Kings faces one of the PBKS matchups.

RR is supposed to lose against MI and win over KKR. It brings them to 12 points, tied to the Indians of Mumbai. The huge win of Mumbai Indians can enable them qualify in this circumstance.


Although the tunnel is still bright, it is incredibly challenging not just for Mumbai Indians but also for other teams. The last four teams should be qualified for the IPL 2021 Playoffs till the penultimate day. Every match is almost knock-out. Actually, the possibilities of Mumbai Indians currently depend greatly on the performance of the Kolkata Knight Riders.

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