IPL 2022 New Schedule, Venue, Dates, Points, Match Table

This year’s Indian Premier League (IPL) schedule has been revealed. Get the latest IPL 2022 schedule here. The new IPL 2022 schedule has been revealed by the BCCI. The updated schedule states that the IPL 2022 season will begin on September 19, 2022. The IPL championship game will be the most entertaining of the season. Finals will be placed on October 10th. Corona disrupted earlier IPL games, which had to be postponed. As a result of the overwhelming response from the crowd, the International Premier League will begin play on September 19. Due to the IPL being postponed, there were just 31 matches remaining in the Indian Premier League. There are now 10 doubleheaders, seven singles, and four playoffs in this tournament.

New Schedule for the IPL in 2022

The lengthy wait for IPL fans will finally come to an end on September 19, 2022. To ensure that the ICC T20 World Cup 2022 can go forward as planned, the remaining 31 matches in the IPL 2022 New Schedule will be completed in 21 days, with 10 doubleheaders, 7 single headers, and 4 playoffs. IPL 2022 New Schedule: The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has released a new schedule for the IPL.

In May, the BCCI halted the IPL 2022 season due to the widespread usage of Covid 19. The BCCI has now notified fans that the last 31 IPL games would be played in September and October (tentative).

Dates for the IPL’s New Season in 2022

IPL New Schedule 2022 has been explained in detail in this post. The BCCI has rescheduled the IPL games at this time, igniting the excitement of the crowd. Everyone wants to know how the remaining matches in the new IPL schedule will be arranged.

The cancellation of the 14th season of the Indian Premier League (IPL) was a major disappointment to the fans. BCCI has rekindled fan excitement for the IPL by rescheduling games. We now know about the new IPL 2022 calendar, new dates and new venues, points table, orange cap and timetable and team list issued by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI).

IPL New Schedule 2022

Match NoMatchDateTime
31MI vs CSK19/09/20227:30PM
32KKR vs RCB20/09/20227:30PM
33Punjab Kings vs RR21/09/20227:30PM
34DC vs Sunrisers Hyderabad22/09/20227:30PM
35MI vs KKR23/09/20227:30PM
36RCB vs CSK24/09/20227:30PM
37DC vs RR25/09/20223:30PM
38Sunrisers Hyderabad vs Punjab Kings25/09/20227:30PM
39CSK vs KKR26/09/20223:30PM
40RCB vs MI26/09/20227:30PM
41Sunrisers Hyderabad vs RR27/09/20227:30PM
42KKR vs DC28/09/20223:30PM
43MI vs Punjab Kings28/09/20227:30PM
44RR vs RCB29/09/20227:30PM
45Sunrisers Hyderabad vs CSK30/09/20227:30PM
46KKR vs Punjab Kings1/10/20227:30PM
47MI vs DC2/10/20223:30PM
48RR vs CSK2/10/20227:30PM
49RCB vs Punjab Kings3/10/20223:30PM
50KKR vs Sunrisers Hyderabad3/10/20227:30PM
51DC vs CSK4/10/20227:30PM
52RR vs MI5/10/20227:30PM
53RCB vs Sunrisers Hyderabad6/10/20227:30PM
54CSK vs Punjab Kings7/10/20223:30PM
55KKR vs RR7/10/20227:30PM
56Sunrisers Hyderabad vs MI8/10/20223:30PM
57RCB vs DC8/10/20227:30PM
58Qualifier 110/10/20227:30PM
60Qualifier 213/10/20227:30PM

We’ll be providing you with details on the last 31 matches of the IPL. Please note that these matches have been moved to Dubai. Before the finalization of these matches, the players of each side were subjected to covid testing. This is a wonderful thing since now we know when the matches will be held. In the table below, you’ll find all the details on the IPL’s new schedule date.
IPL 2022’s first match between Royal Challengers Bangalore and Mumbai Indians (MI) shocked the city of Chennai to its core. The IPL, which began on April 9th, drew a roaring crowd. Corona forced the cancellation of some IPL 2022 games. The BCCI has rescheduled the IPL to conclude the remaining games on September 19, putting an end to the specter of spectators.

April 2022,91.    MI vs RCB
April 2022,102.    CSK vs DC
April 2022,113.    SRH vs KKR
April 2022,124.    RR vs PK
April 2022,135.    KKR vs MI
April 2022,146.    SRH vs RCB
April 2022,157.    RR vs DC
April 2022,168.    PK vs CSK
April 2022,179.    MI vs SRH
April 2022,1810. RCB vs KKR
April 2022,1811. DC vs PK
April 2022,1912. CSK vs RR
April 2022,2013. DC vs MI
April 2022,2114. PK vs SRH
April 2022,2115. KKR vs CSK
April 2022,2216. RCB vs RR
April 2022,2317. PK vs MI
April 2022,2418. RR vs KKR
April 2022,2519. CSK vs RCB
April 2022,2520. SRH vs DC
April 2022,2621. PK vs KKR
April 2022,2722. DC vs RCB
April 2022,2823. CSK vs SRH
April 2022,2924. MI vs RR
April 2022,2925. DC vs KKR
April 2022,3026. PK vs RCB
May 2022, 127. MI vs CSK
May 2022, 228. RR vs SRH
May 2022, 229. PK vs DC
May 2022, 330. KKR vs RCB
May 2022, 431. SRH vs MI
May 2022, 532. RR vs CSK
May 2022, 633. RCB vs PK
May 2022, 734. SRH vs CSK
May 2022, 835. KKR vs DC
May 2022, 836. RR vs MI
May 2022, 937. CSK vs PK
May 2022, 938. RCB vs SRH
May 2022, 1039. MI vs KKR
May 2022, 1140. DC vs RR
May 2022, 1241. CSK vs KKR
May 2022, 1342. MI vs PK
May 2022, 1343. SRH vs RR
May 2022, 1444. RCB vs DC
May 2022, 1545. KKR vs PK
May 2022, 1646. RR vs RCB
May 2022, 1647. CSK vs MI
May 2022, 1748. DC vs SRH
May 2022, 1849. KKR vs RR
May 2022, 1950. SRH vs PK
May 2022, 2051. RCB vs MI
May 2022, 2152. KKR vs SRH
May 2022, 2153. DC vs CSK
May 2022, 2254. PK vs RR
May 2022, 2355. MI vs DC
May 2022, 2356. RCB vs CSK
May 2022, 2557. Qualifier 1
May 2022, 2658. Eliminator
May 2022, 2859. Qualifier 2
May 2022, 3060. Final

Before the IPL Reschedule, the information in the preceding table is accurate. There will shortly be a new table included in the following table. New match dates, locations, match tables, and more will be available shortly. We’ll let you know when the new information is available through the table. In the meanwhile, you may check out more details about the upcoming matchups.

New Location for the IPL in 2022

The wait is now over, and we’d like to congratulate you. A revised IPL 2022 Schedule Venue List has now been revealed by the BCCI, which has rescheduled the IPL. The remaining 31 matches will now be staged in Dubai, according to this amended list. The matchups for these games will be published in the near future. The venue for the IPL 2022 schedule is still a mystery. Authorities plan to make this information public as soon as possible.

Match NumberIPL 2022 Reschedule Venue
Match 1UAE (Dubai)
Match 2UAE (Dubai)
Match 3UAE (Dubai)
Match 4UAE (Dubai)
Match 5UAE (Dubai)
Match 6UAE (Dubai)
Match 7UAE (Dubai)
Match 8UAE (Dubai)
Match 9UAE (Dubai)
Match 10UAE (Dubai)
Match 11UAE (Dubai)
Match 12UAE (Dubai)
Match 13UAE (Dubai)
Match 14UAE (Dubai)
Match 15UAE (Dubai)
Match 16UAE (Dubai)
Match 17UAE (Dubai)
Match 18UAE (Dubai)
Match 19UAE (Dubai)
Match 20UAE (Dubai)
Match 21UAE (Dubai)
Match 22UAE (Dubai)
Match 23UAE (Dubai)
Match 24UAE (Dubai)
Match 25UAE (Dubai)
Match 26UAE (Dubai)
Match 27UAE (Dubai)
Match 28UAE (Dubai)
Match 29UAE (Dubai)
Match 30UAE (Dubai)
Match 31UAE (Dubai)

It is expected that the IPL 2022 Schedule Stadium Names will be released shortly. Even though we haven’t yet released the Venue list, you won’t have to worry about it. You may now have all the information you need about the Indian Premier League (IPL) sent right to your mobile phone. The only way to do this is to enable the website to notify you through e-mail. You’ll soon have access to the details in the table above.

Table of IPL 2022 Points

IPL 2022 Points Table based on games played so far will be sent to you. Before the IPL was postponed, you may view the statistics in this list. In the provided table, the numbers are arranged from top to bottom. Based on information accessible on the internet, we’re providing these numbers. These stats will show you how well your squad is doing. This year’s Indian Premier League points standings is based on results from 58 matches played thus far. If the information in the table does not meet your needs, please let us know in the comment section below.

TeamMatchesWinLossPointsNRRWSDC862120.55W L W W W L W WCSK752101.26L W W W W W LRoyal Challengers Bangalore75210-0.17W W W W L W LMI74380.06L W W L L W WRR7346-0.19L W L L W L WPunjab Kings8356-0.37W L L L W L W LKKR7254-0.49W L L L L W LSunrisers Hyderabad7162-0.62L L L W L L L

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