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This season is the ninth time that Captain KKR Morgan has been playing with a single digit score of 12 innings.

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This season is the ninth time that Captain KKR Morgan has been playing with a single digit score of 12 innings.

The captaincy of Morgan has been totally exhausted since this IPL began. In nearly every match, he’s messing up. In Chepauk he had RCB on the ropes, he pulled the spinners off and let Maxwell set it down. Chakravarthy has easily been handed a second by Coumd. The next match against CSK in Wankhede was when every man and his dog knew that a new ball was swinging at Wankhede and Ruturaj’s vulnerability was swinging with spinners from both ends. In the second innings, Chahar grabbed four wickets with his swing. The KKR pacers never had this opportunity, they had arrived in the middle overs and Ruturaj had been put and smacking out of them the live light.

And he did extremely well against CSK on Sunday, then torn up by putting Prasidh in the 19th position rather than Narine. Nobody could hit the spinners, he had CSK take one away. Not to mention Karthik and Russell’s under use as batters.

Before this IPL, I used to believe Morgan was the world’s finest international captain. He was incredibly disappointed and one of the tournament’s worst captains. It seems like he does not have any confidence in his intuition and wishes to follow just the pre-made plans. And most of the time these plans are also rather poor.”

And since then Morgan has again sneaked in with with four bowlers and 2 part timers in a crucial match.

InningsRunsAverageStrike Rate

Eoin Morgan this season

2 (3)
7 (7)
29 (23) vs RCB, LOST
7 (7)
0 (0)
47* (40) vs PBKS, WON
0 (2)
7 (8)
8 (14)
0 (2)
2 (2)

I still feel that this is a legitimate issue. And Prasidh was actually bowling well in the innings till then point while Narine was costly (1-37 off 3 overs), perhaps he chose to trust Prasidh. Although Prashidh was not very good at all. Prasidh was entirely on his own tho bowling dog poo. Also, in the last bowling encounter, Narine presumably intended to keep him there.

It might be a little deceptive to judge capitancy on the basis of what has transpired. Perhaps a choice might be based on strategy and thought, but the result does not turn out to be what it wants to be. The captain will not manage the bat/bowling/fielding of the captain at the conclusion of the day

Classic bowler rotations, he often did bloopers like the rcb match when he didn’t have a bowler to bowl the 20th, but thankfully the match ended in the final ball in the 19th round. Had I had a Ben Cutting for the final match yet I still know why he is very highly regarded with Tim Seifert? Southee offers a new ball swing bowler death over and gives close bowlers who can bowl well and take wickets in the depths of the wild, but he gives them the first few overheads. And these are only recent blunders, he can take on field judgments which he himself requires aid from analysts sending secret numbers as code.

Nothing. As cricket fans, we, like me, are terrible at assessing captaincy. (Jarrod Kimber has recently published, and you should watch, a video about Morgan’s captaincy at KKR).

We usually perceive it as winning team, captaincy = good, losing equipment, capitancy = bad. Then when a team loses all that they have done wrong, they start to come. Instead of playing x batter, they should have scored more. Well perhaps. Well, perhaps. Or perhaps they would have had a duck. Instead of the bowler who went for runs, this should have bowled over. Well perhaps. Well, perhaps. Or perhaps for more runs they would’ve gone. You don’t know. You don’t know that. But when you lose, it usually looks like the man who didn’t play is the better player.

Most of what captains do, we don’t even see. At the beginning of the match or when the bowler’s on top of their mark, we don’t know what they say. We do not know what happens or what strategy to try to follow the players. We do not know what. We don’t know how many choices are made or come out of the coach on who to play and what bowlers to employ. Although we knew that, if things had been different, we couldn’t tell what would have occurred.

There are players such as a Kohli, Williamson, Babar Azam, or Rohit Sharma who go out of shape, even if their play style makes them unformed. Morgan just doesn’t have to comprehend that sort of player folks. He only has his one beast fashion, and if it isn’t, he is awful. He’s still one of the finest limited players I have ever seen honestly This takes nothing from him.

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